PSQR & ITrace Bring Food Traceability Solutions to Southeast Asia

PSQR‘s newest traceability partner, Intelligence Traceability (ITrace), is dedicated to promoting anti-counterfeit and food traceability software solutions in Southeast Asia. They are working with various stakeholders to establish a centre for food safety and food traceability in the Region. Thus, they have developed a multi-language system based on local industry standards and practices.  

Food Traceability with iTrace

ITrace offers affordable SaaS-based track and trace software, enabling businesses to have access to low-cost track and trace solutions. This benefits both smaller companies who could not afford track and trace solutions before, as well as bigger corporations that can now choose more affordable food traceability software solutions.  

To support the wider traceability value chain, ITrace includes:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Machine vision projects

by using products from Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd. (Hikrobot). 

In line with industry 4.0 applications and hardware technology, the company provides customers with two different solutions:

  • Machine vision solutions for production processes
  • Automated warehousing systems with mobile robot options.

PSQR Enters the Southeast Asian Market

“To further our offering with best practice technology and standards, ITrace now utilizes the agile and EPCIS based software products from PSQR, ensuring that we can assist our customers to track and trace and tell the true story of their products across the supply chain.  The ability to store, access and share the product and event data will assist our customers in their quest against counterfeits; in their overall supply chain optimisation activities; with recall management; and much more.   

Apart from the technical enablers that PSQR’s globally tested software suite is bringing to the table, I believe that the partnership between ITrace, PSQR and industry leadership in Southeast Asia, is designed to drive accelerated adoption of traceability best practices and benefits across the region,” said WeeHuat Tay, Founder and CEO of Intelligence Traceability and President of Malaysia Association of Food Safety and Traceability (MAFSAT).

Collaborating for Effective Food Traceability

With the PSQR technology suite, including:

  • Track and trace software
  • Repositories
  • Specialized modules
  • Adaptable code
  • ScanApp for data collection at points in the supply chain

the two companies can together now serve many track and trace requirements across Southeast Asia, from ITrace’s offices in Malaysia. The two companies together will ensure:

  • Easy serialization
  • Data collection
  • Data mining
  • Tracking and tracing products, events and key activities across the supply chain. 

Combined projects include the tracking and tracing of Halal products, tobacco tax stamps, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, textiles, and much more.

For more on ITrace technology and solutions, visit the ITrace website.

About PSQR

PSQR is a Danish software development company that specializes in highly scalable software for storing, processing and analyzing vast amounts of supply chain data.

The company partners with track and trace software integrators, solutions providers, consultancies and industry bodies to bring best-of-breed IT Solutions to the world of Traceability.  Hereby empowering manufacturers, corporations and governments across the globe with digital track and trace capabilities and the ability to tell the true story of the origin, journey, whereabouts, and consumption of products and resources across the supply chain. 

About ITrace

ITrace (Intelligence Traceability) is a leading Malaysian software company that specializes in anti-counterfeit and track and trace solutions for industries. With the vision of establishing a centre of food safety and food traceability in South East Asia, ITrace, together with its solution partners, empower manufacturers with the ability to:

  • Identify and capture track and trace events along the supply chain
  • Provide transparency and insights into the sources, production, manufacturing, movement, and consumption of products and resources.

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  • Ron Volpe