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Saga Mono

A product traceability software and a lighter version of Saga Enterprise that is easier to configure and deploy.


Saga Mono is a variant of Saga designed with the purpose of making the experience of setting up and configuring Saga easier.

Core features:

  • Modules can be enabled and configured directly from the Saga UI
  • Licenses can be obtained directly from the PSQR Portal
  • An installer is available for Microsoft Windows
  • It will be available in the marketplace of public cloud platforms

Saga Mono is easily deployed and is available through the Windows installer. It will soon be available through the Linux installer and on the marketplaces of public cloud platforms.

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Saga Mono can use most modules available for Saga Enterprise. It can be configured to exchange data with Saga Enterprise instances by using the Mesh module.



Simplified Infrastructure

Saga Mono uses the SQL only mode of Saga which requires SQL as the only backing service.

This simplifies the infrastructure required to run Saga, making it the ideal solution for scenarios where the high volume and high redundancy capabilities of Saga Enterprise are not required and where the Saga SDK is not needed to build the solution.

Saga Mono can also be used as part of a multi-layered track and trace solution, where Saga can communicate with a Saga Enterprise installation using the compatible Mesh module.


Optimise your product traceability processes by adding one or more of the PSQR Modules to Saga Mono. Our modules are readily available through the PSQR Portal and can be applied across industries.

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Other available modules: Data Mapping Module | Supply Chain Data Management Module | Fishery Module, and many more.