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Our Product Traceability Software Suite

PSQR’s EPCIS-based product traceability software, Saga Suite allows users to accumulate data across all data points into a hub, and share and extract data as required.


Choose from a modular and agile technology suite

Our product traceability software suite assists in the tracking and tracing of products across supply chains by enabling storing, processing, and analysis of billions of track and trace events.


Sophisticated Repositories or Data Hubs

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Generic Track and Trace Modules


Customised Solution Code & Configurations

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Stacks or pre-packaged Solutions

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Easy Integration

Integrate and run our product traceability software on any platform or in our incubation environment.

Our Saga software is cloud agnostic and runs on any platform/infrastructure.

PSQR’s incubation environment can be used for tracking and tracing proof of concept and proof of scope projects. It is an easy, cost effective and non-intrusive solution. When the track and trace solution matures beyond being a PoC, we assist in the transfer to a dedicated or pre-defined partner platform/infrastructure.


Find the Right Solution for you

Our product traceability software suite is modular and geared to easily assist in supporting many different aspects of a track and trace solution.

Saga is our flagship EPCIS-based repository capable of handling mass amounts of data at very high speeds in very complex settings.

This sophisticated database can be used on its own, together with modules or in a fully customised solution for optimal track and trace. Partners can integrate Saga as a white-label addition to their own branded track and trace solutions.


INVENI is our other
sophisticated repository specifically crafted for complying with regulations in the Tobacco industry.

Currently, INVENI aggregates data from more than 18 billion products per year in the EU, ensuring track and trace capabilities in line with the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD).


The Saga Mobile app is a companion to your existing Saga software installation for seamless tracking and tracing.

Saga Mobile allows people at different points in the supply chain to collect traceability data by scanning serialised products, raw materials and assets. Saga Mobile works with all the versions of Saga traceability software and integrates with Saga modules to add custom data capture and querying methods.


PSQR modules can be applied across industries

The Saga Suite Modules were designed to fulfil a specific technical function in process tracking and tracing and are inspired by the client or industry needs.

They build upon Saga Suite’s modular and extensible product traceability software architecture.

All modules are available to partners via the Partner Portal.

Tracking and sharing of data up and down a network of supply chains is made easy with our Mesh Module. It gives the actors across the network(s) of supply chains the ability to collect and share information about products they receive or supply with direct peers’ from anywhere in the supply chain.

The Vila Module delivers Virtual Item Level Aggregation. Vila enables manufacturers across industries to track, trace and obtain a view of their physical products by creating and tracking digital twins.   

Other Modules: ID Generator Module |  Scanner Module  |  Compliance  Module | Labels Module  | Supply Chain Data Management Module, and more.