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Track & Trace Software Experts

Technical expertise and in depth knowledge of track & trace software are core to PSQR

We are a team of track & trace software enthusiasts, exhaustively working on developing the best supply chain traceability solutions for different industries. Technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of track and trace solutions are at the core of the PSQR team.

Our software empowers companies, system integrators, governments and others to tell the true story of the origin, journey, whereabouts, and consumption of products.

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Our Approach to Supply Chain Traceability

Together with our partners, we bring optimal track & trace software solutions to companies, governments and customers across the globe.

PSQR develops supply chain traceability software to effectively enable the storing, sharing and utilisation of vast amounts of supply chain data and events.

We have developed our software in a way that partners and clients can choose to integrate it as white label capabilities or utilise our Saga Suite in their traceability solutions.

We work closely with our partners to customise, host and deliver track and trace solutions to customers from most industries, to ultimately deliver track and trace capabilities for compliance, transparency, operational excellence and a number of other reasons.

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As track & trace software experts and explorers we welcome new ideas, and cherish the power of
technology and fit-for-purpose solutions.


Our Values

Performance – Service – Quality and Reliability guide us to ensure all are achieved through Excellence.

PSQR's values


Leadership Team

PSQR is led by a tech-savvy and experienced team of explorers, entrepreneurs, software engineers, commercially astute, track & trace software experts and digital supply chain enthusiasts.

Emanuel Greisen
Managing Director

20+ years of software development, business process optimisation, team development and organisational excellence. IT expertise in Track and Trace etc.

Danny Krøger
Chief Operating Officer

15+ years of creating optimal customer and vendor experiences, operational excellence and effective delivery within the IT Solutions space.


Join Our Team

We have a flat structure, informal – yet professional culture and an effective team.

We believe in the best match for the team and our culture.

If you would like to join an international team with more than 15 nationalities, who believe in the wonders of digital supply chain management, make sure to view our current vacancies.

And if you believe you can add value to our team, send us an unsolicited application.

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Quick Facts

  • We are a Danish Software Development Company
  • We deliver track and trace solutions to partners and customers across the globe
  • Founded in 2016 – Commercialized in 2019
  • We are a spin-off from FractureCode, which has been in track and trace for 16+ years
  • Our software tracks more than 20 billion+ products per year
  • We are agile and continuously develop track and trace software, solutions and stacks
  • We are approachable, enthusiastic and believe in effective traceability practices