Powerful Collaboration

Together with our partners we bring track and trace software and solutions to industries around the world

We partner with track and trace software integrators, solutions providers, industry bodies, associations and consultancies to bring best-of-breed IT Solutions to the world of traceability.

We believe in partnerships.
And together with our partners, we bring Track and Trace Solutions to industries around the world.


Unified Towards Supply Chain Excellence

Our partners include software integrators, solutions providers, industry bodies, associations, consultancies and others. Together, we work towards bringing IT solutions to the world of traceability and striving toward supply chain excellence.

We also collaborate with partners across the track and trace value chain to ensure, we all together empower companies, manufacturers, producers, governments and more with track and trace capabilities.

Collaboration is the essence of traceability and the partnership between iTrazo and PSQR is bringing tremendous technology benefits to our customers with transactional speed, scalability, and stability to handle millions of track and trace key data elements and critical supply chain events. Together our partnership takes a “one team” approach to solving traceability challenges and successful implementations for our customers.

Reeanjou Ram, CEO, iTrazo

Worldline has used PSQR’s Saga and Inveni solutions successfully in many of our traceability implementations. Saga specially has a rich collection of off-the-shelf functionalities while offering the flexibility to be customized to the specific needs of individual clients. This is why we consider these solutions as the most advanced traceability products on the market today, also ensuring Worldline the capacity to manage high volume transactional services for our customers.

Geoffrey De Notaris, Worldline Global Head of Traceability

“Track and Trace “ or what can be termed as traceability solutions can be considered simply new to the Caribbean Region. However, since our partnership with PSQR we have been able to create significant interests and solutions that assists regional manufacturers with the growing Illicit trade particularly with alcohol , tobacco , detergents and some food products. The partnership and collaboration with INSEPRA has been an excellent experience to date and we are extremely proud to be associated with PSQR that has added significant value to our business and to customers in this region.

Derek Lawrence, Managing Director | INSEPRA Ltd 

Tive is excited to partner with PSQR to bring end-to-end traceability to the food and pharma industries. Their technology combined with Tive’s brings real-time traceability to Australia, NZ, and the APAC region.

Hany Amer, Director of Sales – APAC | Tive Inc.

Transparency, and its enablement of traceability, is one of the most critical capabilities supply chain’s must get right. While the reasons for this associated with safety, provenance, and ethics are obvious, it is that the operational value creation and resilience it can create that is sometimes overlooked and cannot be overstated. PSQR’s granular, end-to-end technology is a proven leader in this space across industries globally.

Nick Vyas, Executive Director,
University of Southern California
Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management

Product traceability across global supply chains has become a regulatory requirement in many markets, including tracking the product to the final outlet.  PSQR has not only established a powerful platform but they also have a track record in high volume markets where data interchangeability and accuracy are the key to success.

Tod Urquhart, Traceability Lead & Product Manager

Supply Chain Experts

Together with our partners we create track and trace solutions for any industry who need to track and trace a product for compliance and reasons beyond compliance

  • Tobacco
  • CRPT
  • TAX Stamps
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Healthcare
  • Apparel
  • Medical Devices
  • Food & Beverages
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Hospitals
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