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In order to keep updated on the latest changes within the traceability in the supply chain, as well as ensure our product features are following the latest norms and requirements, we are always eager to participate in a number of supply chain events, conferences and summits. Check out our latest engagements and our takeaways from various events.

Battery Passport Regulation - eBook
Battery Passport eBook

Download our Battery Passport eBook for the latest updates on the Battery Passport regulation and learn the steps to achieving regulatory compliance.

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Traceability Glossary
Traceability Glossary

Traceability Glossary of all the main terms in the track and trace industry.

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Deforestation-Free Products Regulation eBook feature image
Deforestation-Free Products Regulation eBook

Download our comprehensive ebook on the Deforestation-Free Products regulation and learn what companies should do to achieve compliance.

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FSMA 204 eBook download
FSMA 204 by PSQR – eBook

The FSMA 204 regulation is a set of rules in the US that aims to make food supply chain safer and more transparent. Download our free ebook to…

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Digital Product Passport ebook download
Digital Product Passport by PSQR – eBook

Download our free ebook to learn about the Digital Product Passport and the role of traceability in regulatory compliance.

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Seafood Traceability by PSQR Ebook
Seafood Traceability by PSQR – eBook

Download our free ebook and learn all about the seafood traceability and what benefits business can expect by implementing a traceability solution.

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