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Atos and PSQR to bring joint traceability solution

Atos and PSQR establish partnership to provide a joint traceability service for supply chain transparency Atos, global leader in digital...

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New Logo and Name

We are excited to reveal our new logo and shortened name. We are still registered as Persequor - but we...

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Track and Trace Persequor, iTrazo and Facteon
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PSQR, iTrazo and Facteon Join Forces

Manufacturing Experts & IIoT Technology Leaders Join Forces to Deliver End-to-End Traceability for the Fresh Food Sector Persequor, iTrazo and...

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Culterra Capital’s 2021 Tech Predictions

We have been included in the Traceability Category of this year's Culterra Capital's 2021 Food Supply Chain Tech Landscape. Persequor is one of...

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PSQR becomes a GS1 Healthcare Member

Traceability in healthcare is pivotal and we are excited about the role that Persequor, together with GS1 Healthcare, can play...

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Our Events

Our latest events and engagements.

GS1 Connect: Digital Edition – June 8-10, 2021

Catch our MD, Emanuel Greisen and SVP of International Market, Ron Volpe at GS1 Connect in June. They will be...

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Healthcare Supply Chain Amid COVID-19

Plenary Session at the 8th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit. The USC (University of Southern California) Marshall Center for Global...

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Beyond compliance, Industry 4.0, Track and Trace – why and how?

CONFERENCE SESSION # 903 at the 2020 Automatik Exhibition and Conference Regulatory trends and frameworks amplify the importance of track...

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5 Moonshot Principles for Supply Chain Management

Ron Volpe, our SVP of international markets, believes that in the wake of COVID-19, supply chains must be managed differently....

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Learning to Love Chestny ZNAK

Published on LinkedIn on February 15, 2021 Pharma. Footwear. Cameras. Tires. Perfume. Bicycles. Wheelchairs. Bottled water. Tobacco. Fur. Now Dairy....

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