PSQR Forms Partnership With GS1 Denmark

GS1 Standards are a focal point from which every successful, efficient and safe traceability within the supply chain begins.

PSQR is excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with GS1 Denmark and thus become a member of GS1 Denmark’s newly established Partner Program.

Having PSQR’s technologies based on GS1 standards with full EPCIS support, this partnership was a natural step forward. The partnership will further strengthen the collaboration between the two organizations and ensure continuous development in the supply chain traceability practices.

“We are excited to welcome PSQR as a partner to GS1 Denmark’s Partner Program. With their solutions centered around traceability and the EPCIS standards, PSQR taps into an ever-growing demand amongst our members i.e., knowing the true story of an item and its journey across the supply chain. We look forward to our future collaboration with PSQR!”

– Marie Thea Larsen, Partnerships and Sustainability Consultant

PSQR and GS1 Denmark Have a Common Goal 

PSQR and GS1 align on a common goal: creating sustainable growth and abundant and safe life. 

Both of these start with early traceability in the supply chain ensuring visibility and transparency in goods production. 

However, traceability could not exist without the GS1 barcode generator, and barcodes would have no purpose without PSQR’s track and trace software solutions.

Two chains with the same endpoint. A metaphor of a partnership with the GS1 standards at the core.
Photo by Sandy Millar. From Unsplash

GS1 Standards at a core of PSQR’s solutions

PSQR’s technologies are EPCIS-based. This means that all the information about a product’s physical movement and status is shareable, traceable, and searchable. EPCIS standards are applicable from the beginning of the supply chain journey to the final destination.

Thanks to the GS1 standards and PSQR’s ability to accumulate, analyse and share data, companies can finally address the “what, where, when, and why” of the supply chain journey. In return, this will provide companies with an opportunity to give their consumers accurate product information.

“PSQR is thrilled to join the GS1 Denmark’s Partner Program. For us, this partnership means an even stronger contribution to the world of traceability and a great window of opportunity to help companies in Denmark and globally start their track and trace journey with our full EPCIS-based solution. We are excited to, together with GS1 Denmark, keep on building an ever-improving and sustainable solution that will help companies efficiently and effectively tell the full story of their product journey.” 

– Christian Lindberg, Business Development