PSQR releases Saga Mono – a new traceability software variant

PSQR is proud to announce that we have released a traceability software called Saga Mono, which is a lighter version of our flagship product Saga.

Saga Mono has joined Saga Suite in June 2022. One of Saga Mono’s core features is making the process of configuring and setting up Saga faster and easier.

The new traceability software is a simplified Saga variant

Saga Mono is a simplified variant of Saga that can be set up through the Saga UI without any programming skills required. 

Compatible with Saga Modules

Saga Mono can use most modules available for Saga Enterprise (more information is available on the PSQR Portal).

Moreover, by enabling the Mesh module, Saga Mono can directly exchange data with Saga Enterprise instances. 

The main focus of PSQR is and has always been to develop a scalable and flexible traceability platform that allows our customers and partners to build solutions for many different use cases. Saga Mono is here now to make our software even more accessible.

– Emanuel Greisen, Managing Director at PSQR

Saga Mono availability

Saga Mono users can buy the licenses directly from the PSQR Portal and a trial license is available for evaluating Saga Mono. 

Additionally, the software is available as a Windows installer and it is available for deployment on cloud platforms.

Saga Mono Summary

Our new product is perfect for multi-layered architectures due to some of the following features:

  • It is easy to configure and deploy
  • It requires only an SQL database as a backing service
  • It is available on cloud platforms as well as a Windows installer
  • It uses most of the modules available for Saga – the users can enable and configure from the Saga UI
  • Licenses are available and obtainable directly from the PSQR Portal

Finally, for a limited amount of time, Saga Mono will be available for a free trial and will later be available through a €100-monthly subscription.