Seafood Traceability

Use our software to enhance your seafood traceability journey. Collect, store and share data in accordance with GDST and GS1 interoperability standards to improve precision of landing declarations and easily attach fuel consumption to hauls.


End to End Traceability

Our EPCIS-based and GDST-compliant software empowers seafood companies to capture relevant catch information from existing systems and uses it to:

  • Increase precision in landing declarations
  • Document quality at auction
  • Attribute fuel consumption to hauls
  • Become ready for future regulations
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Traceability Across the Seafood Supply Chain

PSQR has developed a solution that ensures customers with an end to end traceability across the supply chain, providing transparency and visibility throughout the process.

From producers, processors and importers to retailers – companies can finally tell the complete story of their product journey to their customers.

Some of the main characteristics of our seafood traceability solution include:

  • Platform to capture and correlate events from catch to sale to deliver insights and reporting
  • Interoperability with internal systems and eco-systems via global standards and open APIs
  • Ability to deliver interactive dashboards and slice data according to business needs
  • Proven scalability from high-volume industries
  • Nonintrusive to existing enterprise and manufacturing systems
  • Capable of evolving with future demands e.g. regulatory reporting, new business insights, etc.

Below is a rough overview of how we can help through the entire supply chain.

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Flexible and Modular Seafood Traceability Solution

Besides the ability to store billions of track and trace events, our Saga Software solution has been developed in a way to be easily adaptable to any business needs.

It can be fully customized to serve your specific purposes and can be further enriched with PSQR modules carefully crafted to cater to industry-specific needs and requirements.

In addition, within seafood, our seafood traceability solution enables a number of different benefits:

  • We enable producers to be visible – highlighting their commitment to quality and best practices
  • We help processors maintain traceability through their processing steps – merging data from different sources
  • We help importers and traders receive and share data digitally – in standard formats
  • We help retailers digitize the endless trail of information they receive – and share it with consumers
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Seafood Traceability Software Checklist

  • End to end traceability solution
  • Ensuring compliance with HAACP rules with respect to product safety
  • Enhanced recall capability
  • Stops the proliferation of counterfeit products
  • Enables full compliance with global ESG regulations (catch limits, trawler energy use, etc.)
  • Enables an effective new consumer engagement and marketing capability
  • Increases food quality
  • Tells the complete product journey story to the customers
  • Reduces food fraud and food waste
  • Ensures GDST compliance

Saga Business Case Videos

If you would like to learn more about how our seafood traceability solution works in practice, please watch the videos below.

Interested to learn more about what we can do in Wild Caught and Aquaculture? Feel free to reach out to us!