Saga Business Case – Aquaculture

PSQR Aquaculture Tutorial

Sustainable Aquaculture with PSQR’s Traceability Solution

One of the most common questions rising lately is, ‘is aquaculture sustainable‘? The answer is yes – if done responsibly.

However, there are a number of issues arising due to product mislabeling, fraud, illegal fishing practices, pollution, etc.

Hence, organisations and authorities worldwide have started introducing regulations that require more visibility and transparency in aquaculture production.

Track and trace solutions such as PSQR’s Saga are here to ensure sustainable aquaculture practices and the delivery of products that comply with all regulations.

Thus, some of the core benefits of implementing a track and trace solution to the existing tech stack include:

  • Correct product labelling (with the proof of source and required health certificates)
  • Ensured food safety from primary production onwards
  • HAACP Compliance
  • Staying within the maximum residue levels (MRL) for fish and seafood, etc.

Saga Business Case – Aquaculture

In our screencast below, we will be taking a dive into the industry of aquaculture and seeing how Saga’s inbox toolset can be used to benefit the industry.

Moreover, there will be a discussion around some common scenarios which may occur within a company’s supply chain. Finally, we will look into how Saga can identify their source and help add value to a company’s goods.