Software Implementation Services

PSQR Team is here to assist you with software implementation, customization, and integration – ensuring a smooth process of deploying Saga Software into your environment.


Stairway for Saga Software Implementation

PSQR provides a range of Professional Services to help you with a smoother process of getting a Saga
environment up and running and extending an existing setup with further functionalities.

The services offered fall into 3 areas:

  • Introduction
  • Extension workshop(s)
  • Custom Development

We equip your team with the needed know-how to set up and work with the software, making them comfortable building a solid solution for the customer through extensive training. The training will focus on a real-world case based on your needs, ensuring everyone is on board on how to extend the system most effectively.

If you need further software customizations, we have teams ready to either build extensions for you or work as mixed teams.


  • Saga workbench
  • Live dev. of extension
  • Customization of UI
  • Guidance on deployment

Extension Workshop

  • How to approach specific use cases
  • Pair programming using Saga SDK
  • Foundation and direction for how to solve concrete challenges

Custom Development

  • Further extensions or software customization
    • Build custom pages for the user interface
    • Setup validations and business rules
    • Integration with in-and outbound 3rd party systems
    • Additional API endpoints for custom responses
  • Mixed Teams
    • PSQR Software engineer joins your team
    • Bring inside expert knowledge to your internal teams

Software implementation and infrastructure

  • Introduction to the infrastructure of Saga
  • Backing services
  • Balance cost vs. performance
  • Automate deployment via tools like Terraform, Ansible and Git.


  • Assistance with deployment setup
    • Backing service setup (e.g. Cassandra, Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ)
    • Automated Solution deployment pipeline
  • Sizing and estimations for Saga solution 

Professional Services

Below you can find a more thorough walk-through of the software implementation process, if you have questions please reach out to us and we can elaborate in more detail.

Training sessions offered

Saga Workbench introduction

In this session your developers will be introduced to the Saga Workbench, a tool providing access to the Saga SDK & runtime, from which you can start the custom development of your Saga Solution.

The introduction covers an introduction to the Workbench itself, a live development of an extension, customization of the user interface, and guidance on how to prepare a build for deployment.

After the workshop, the developers will be well prepared to extend the capabilities of Saga and prepare it for deployment.

Saga infrastructure and deployment

This session will provide an introduction to the infrastructure of Saga and backing services involved. This includes information on best practices, and how you achieve the best balance between a well-scaled system and keeping infrastructure costs down.

Depending on needs, the session will also go through how you can automate the deployment via Terraform, Ansible and Git.

Saga Extension workshop

In this session you provide us with a problem you’re trying to tackle in Saga. We will then do pair programming in Saga Workbench with your developers to get them started on possible solutions using the Saga SDK.

The purpose is not to solve the problem completely, but lay a foundation and set a direction on how to tackle the concrete challenge within the Saga Workbench.

Unless you say otherwise we record the sessions and share the recordings with you. This way your developers can revisit the session for details they may have missed – and colleagues who could not participate can watch it at their convenience. PSQR will only use the recordings for internal quality and training purposes.

Custom Development

If you’re in need of extending Saga with further capabilities, PSQR can help you with the development needed. This can range from smaller adjustments of functionality to a full customized Saga Solution.

Examples of software customizations possible:

  • Custom pages in the user interface
  • Validation and business rules
  • Message conversion inbound and outbound
  • Integration into 3rd party systems
  • Additional API endpoints for custom responses

Mixed Teams

We offer a mixed team setup, where PSQR developers join your development team for a period during a project.

This can significantly speed up your developments as PSQR software developers bring thorough know-how on the Saga SDK and the Saga Runtime.

Hence, this makes it possible to satisfy business requirements from the beginning, while your team becomes more familiar with the product.


Saga’s technology stack is built upon widely used technologies, such as Cassandra, Elasticsearch and Docker, and with great flexibility around the deployment needs.

However, in some cases, your operations team may not be familiar with all technologies used or do not have sufficient bandwidth for the initial setup, in which PSQR will be able to assist.

The following services concerning operations are available:

  • Assistance with software implementation
  • Initial sizing estimations for your Saga solution

Please contact us for further information about the services we offer.