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Saga Edge

Saga Edge is an EPCIS-based variant of Saga designed for short-term data retention and high-volume data capture.


Intended for Level 3 (on-prem systems), Saga Edge provides a streamlined approach to data management, enhancing your operational efficiency.

It uses a simplified set of backing services (SQL only) and is perfect for harvesting data on-premise. Some of the core features of Saga Edge are:

  • Ability to process up to 100 million data points per year
  • Delivered with full SDK support
  • Customizable to site-specific needs
  • Short-term data retention
  • Works as a standalone product or with all Saga software variants
A conveyor belt with serialized products
A factory worker scanning a qr code

With an inbuilt SDK, Saga Edge can be customized to attend to business or site-specific needs.

A person scanning a code, Saga Edge data validation


Fast and easy data validation

Saga Edge is specifically crafted for shop floor operations where data capture, validation, and accuracy are paramount.

Tailored for scenarios where data validation is crucial but doesn’t require long-term storage, the software ensures you have the right tools to validate and verify your operations.


Seamless integration into the larger ecosystem and a simplified process of collecting and consolidating data.

For enterprises with diverse product data sources dispersed across various facilities, such as factories and warehouses, Saga Edge becomes a perfect companion for seamless business operations.

As a vital component of the overarching Saga Enterprise solution, Saga Edge efficiently manages data flow from multiple on-prem sources.

Once integrated with Saga Enterprise, the solution provides a unified platform for comprehensive enterprise-level data management.


On-the-go accessibility

The Saga Edge solution takes centre stage in the data harvesting process in the manufacturing facility. With Saga Edge installed on a local machine, the team utilizes laptops and Saga Mobile for on-the-go accessibility.

As workers move through the facility, they seamlessly collect crucial data using our software, ensuring real-time validation. The harvested information is then efficiently pushed into Level 4, streamlining operations and elevating data management.