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Inveni Software

Track and Trace Tobacco products across the supply chain with Inveni at the core.

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About Inveni

Inveni is our sophisticated repository and a track and trace tobacco solution, with features that ensure complying with the regulations in the tobacco industry.

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Crafted for the Tobacco industry

Inveni is a specialised repository solution for the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and is aligned to the EU stipulations and standards – both in terms of functionality and the format of event data.

Primary Repository solutions with Inveni at the core, accumulate data from more than 20 billion unique items per year.

Our solution is able to trace these items all the way from manufacturing, shipping and final delivery to the retail layer.

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Inveni is Highly Scalable

Inveni is highly scalable and well-suited for the high volume, item-based and rule-driven track and trace tobacco processes.

With extreme speed and efficiency, Inveni is capable of operating with a very high volume of items and events, while at the same time keeping the infrastructure requirements low.

It provides full support for in-solution validations as per Secondary specifications and provides an effective dispatch and retry service for the Secondary.


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Our technology suite is modular and readily-made to easily assist in supporting many different aspects of a track and trace solution.


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The Saga Modules were all inspired by a specific client or industry need or fulfil a specific technical function to optimise track and trace processes. Our modules are readily available to be added into Saga.

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