Optimise data capturing at key points in the supply chain with the SagaScan App.


SagaScan is an easy downloadable and customisable App for scanning and capturing supply chain data with handheld devices.


Track all levels

Mobile application and operator panel allowing people across the supply chain to scan products on all package levels.

SagaScan’s easy to use mobile application and operator panel allows people at different points in the supply chain to scan products, batches and other package levels, hereby collecting pre-defined data.

SagaScan works seamlessly with the Saga repository and supporting modules as an event -, product – or code scanner.

It can be customized centrally and easily downloaded to handheld devices to ensure operators across the supply chain have the exact functionality they need to carry out their tasks.


SagaScan App Checklist

  • Optimise data capturing at points in the supply chain
  • Downloadable scanner App for handheld devices
  • Easy understandable interface
  • Readily available and tested software – saving development time
  • Sends data directly to the Saga repository
  • Ready to implement with the PSQR incubation platform
  • Easy to install on current mobile devices
  • Extensible design
  • Modular technology that can be shaped according to compliance, industry and or customer needs
  • Can be used as SagaScan or rebranded if required

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