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Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Digital Product Passport is making its way to the European Union. Let’s work on creating a more sustainable and circular supply chains – together.


A Proven Solution For Complying With
The Tobacco Products Directive 2024

The second phase of the Tobacco Products Directive is on its way and will apply from May 20, 2024. Implement PSQR’s ready-made solution for TPD compliance.

Seafood Traceability

Use our track and trace software to collect, store and share data in accordance with GDST interoperability standards, to improve precision of landing declarations and easily attach fuel consumption to hauls.

Product Journeys

Tell the true story of the origin, journey, whereabouts, and consumption of products and resources across the supply chain

Supply Chain Analysis

Software that enables storing, processing and analysis of supply chain data and events

Scalable Technologies

We craft and engineer track and trace software, modules and data solutions


We are track and trace software experts and digital supply chain enthusiasts.

Our software solutions empower others to

Accumulate and
store data

Access and share
this data

Find products across the supply chain

Tell the true supply chain story

Technical expertise and in depth knowledge of track and trace software are core to PSQR


Scalable Technologies

We craft and engineer track and trace software, modules and data solutions.

Our technologies are highly scalable and EPCIS based and it enables storing, processing, and analysis of billions of track and trace events.

At the core, our software and solutions assist in accumulating data across many data points and create a hub where all data can be easily accessed, analysed and shared ultimately providing complete supply chain transparency.


Best in Breed IT Solutions

We partner with track and trace software integrators, solutions providers, industry bodies and associations and consultancies to bring best-of-breed IT Solutions to the world of Traceability.

We also collaborate with partners across the track and trace value chain to ensure, we all together empower companies, manufacturers, producers, governments and more with track and trace capabilities.


Supply Chain Optimisation

Our solutions are universally applicable, highly scalable and assist with supply chain transparency, optimisation, digitisation and visibility.

The modular system caters for immediate application and can be easily adapted for specific and unique requirements – business, and regulatory, processes across a wide range of supply chains from basic to very sophisticated networks of supply chains.

Our solutions are highly scalable and easily integratable and therefore cater for a wide range of industries including Food & Beverage, Alcohol, Healthcare, Tobacco, Apparel, and more.