Saga Software

Track and Trace any number of products and events up and down the digital supply chain with Saga at the core


Saga is our flagship EPCIS based repository capable of handling mass amounts of data, at very high speeds in very complex settings.

Saga is a scalable and modular EPCIS based repository

Highly Scalable

Saga’s highly scalable and modular architecture allows for unique adaptations and solutions for industry and customer needs

Saga is used as the core of all of our software solutions. It is then complemented by a set of modules, extension points and customised configurations.

This modular set allows PSQR and our partners to create unlimited solution applications for most industries across the globe.


Easy Configuration

Our Workbench allows partners to quickly configure Saga-based track and trace solutions

Loaded with the relevant industry and track and trace functional modules, code and self help guidelines, partners and customer technical teams have access to our Saga Workbench to easily configure and customize their solutions. Or just explore the possibilities of an advanced EPCIS workbench. This dramatically reduces the time from idea or requirement to working code.


Explore More Software Solutions

Our technology suite is modular and geared to easily assist in supporting many different aspects of a track and trace solution.


PSQR modules can be applied across industries

The Saga Modules were all inspired by a specific client or industry need or fulfil a specific technical function to optimise track and trace processes. Our modules are readily available to be added into Saga.

All modules are available to partners via the Partner Portal.