Maintain the Chain with Traceability Tech

On 7 Sep 2021, PSQR, Code and Rel8 (imZert) hosted a free webinar that focused on how companies can “maintain the chain” and fight fraudsters and counterfeits by utilising key technologies and software that make traceability seamless.

Track and trace technology and partners evolve continuously. And we and our partners are proud to be part of the innovation curve. With cost-effective methods and turnkey technologies to help manufacturers track even the smallest components from sub-suppliers, through production, and on to end-users, it makes maintaining the chain possible for companies across the globe.

In this free webinar, three traceability experts will share new advancements in track and trace and traceability technology.

Join us and discover readily available resources that can help your company fight fraud.

DATE: Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

START: 16:00 CEST 8:00 am MST

DURATION: 1 hour

SPEAKERS: Kim Albertsen (PSQR, Head of Commercial Affairs), Guggi Kofod (CEO, Rel8 ApS), and Thomas Rissmann (Director of EMEA Software Sales, Code Corp.)

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We are Track and Trace Software Experts

PSQR is a Danish software development company that specializes in highly scalable software for storing, processing and analysing vast amounts of supply chain data. The company partners with track and trace software integrators, solutions providers, consultancies and industry bodies to bring best of breed IT Solutions to the world of Traceability. Hereby empowering manufacturers, corporations and governments across the globe with digital track and trace capabilities and the ability to tell the true story of the origin, journey, whereabouts, and consumption of products and resources across the supply chain.