Integration of personalised drug delivery systems into digital health

This article, published in the Advanced Drug Delivery Reports (Volume 176, Sep 21) outlines how – amongst other things – providing the possibility of track and trace and verification of the genuineness of the drug product by inclusion of unique identifiers, e.g., 2D bar-codes, at the individual dosage unit, can benefit Personalised Drug Delivery Systems (PDDS).  It also describes how a digital solution can offer easy access to tailored information regarding drug products. 

Our MD, Emanuel Greisen is one of the authors of the article. With co-authors Dhara RaijadaKatarzyna WacJukka Rantanen and Natalja Genina readers will find the overview of how advanced design solutions for new drug products – such as interactive personalised treatments – interconnect the pharmaceutical and digital worlds, insightful.  They also discuss recent advancements in pharmaceutical supply chain management and related limitations of the current mass production model.