Saga Compliance Suite for Chestny ZNAK (CRPT)

The PSQR software stack can assist companies in complying with the Russian Traceability Regulations easily and seamlessly by connecting with Chestny ZNAK (CRPT).

Resolution No. 792-r, published by the Russian Government on April 28, 2018, has made itemised traceability mandatory across industries, including but not limited to tobacco, apparel, pharmaceuticals, dairy, food, and beverages. This regulation is not only applicable to companies within Russia but also to those who trade or export to Russia.

As a result, the Russian Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies created Chestny ZNAK, a digital track and trace system which is geared to handle and manage global traceability projects. The main objective of the system is to increase the level of security for Russia’s fight against counterfeit and low-quality analogues. It also supports the implementation of mandatory product markings on products across Russia.

It is required that Russian manufacturers and distributors work with Chestny ZNAK and CRPT for the serialisation guidelines to obtain codes, as well as to register on the monitoring system.

PSQR has developed a software stack that manufacturers and distributors can use and easily integrate into their current systems to ensure compliance with Russian traceability regulations.

Download our Technical Brochure of the Saga Compliance Suite – Chestny ZNAK (CRPT).


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