PSQR Announces University Partnership Program

In 2020, PSQR partnered with the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business Supply Chain team to create a global consortium of supply chain leaders from business and academia, focused on the adoption of interoperable traceability technologies in food, pharma, and many other industries.

Our experience in this endeavor has provided us with the great opportunity to engage with many current students in university systems globally who are passionate about traceability, and eager to create a workbench where they can not just learn, but also build. To support this, PSQR is very excited to announce the PSQR Traceability Workbench, a no-cost program that will provide students access to PSQR’s extensible traceability software (Saga) where they can build, model, and scenario plan for traceability challenges across the globe as part of their studies and research. We will also deliver workshops to help students become familiar with the technology.

Someone once said that right now, somewhere, someone is building a product or service that will take away your market share. PSQR is delighted to support students in their effort to do just that in the traceability space.

If you are a teaching professional interested in learning more about this, please reach out to us!


  • Ron Volpe

Press Contact

  • Emanuel Greisen