Countering Counterfeits

This September PSQR, Code and Rel8 (imZert) hosted a webinar that focused on how companies can “maintain the chain” and fight fraudsters and counterfeits by utilising key technologies and software that makes traceability seamless.

In this webinar, three traceability experts shared new advancements in track and trace and traceability technology. In case you missed the webinar or just want to revisit it, or share with colleagues we have made a recording available below.

If you would like to see the slides from the webinar they are available as PDF here: Slide Deck – Webinar Countering Counterfeits with Traceability Tech & the World’s Smallest Barcodes


Kim Albertsen – PSQR, Head of Commercial Affairs
How supply chain digitisation technology can help you overcome the current supply chain challenges

Guggi Kofod – imZERT Technology, CEO, Rel8 ApS
How imZERT and integration with PSQR and CortexDecoder can help you overcome the challenges of marking and reading small plastics

Thomas Rissmann – Code Corp, Director of EMEA Software Sales
How enterprise-grade image-based scanning technology excels at scanning small, low-contrast barcodes, and DPM codes


Track and trace technology and partners evolve continuously. And we and our partners are proud to be part of the innovation curve. With cost-effective methods and turnkey technologies to help manufacturers track even the smallest components from sub-suppliers, through production, and on to end-users, it makes maintaining the chain possible for companies across the globe.

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