Track and Trace Technology Companies iTrazo and PSQR Join Forces

Track and trace technology companies join forces to bring an end-to-end supply chain traceability solution to Australia and New Zealand

It truly takes an ecosystem of collaborative players to deliver full and granular traceability. This is why we are excited to announce the partnership between the two track and trace technology companies – Australian iTrazo TraceTech and Danish-based PSQR.

The ability to track and trace products across supply chains is critically important to the makers, movers, and users of products across a multitude of industries. From food to pharma to healthcare and many other industries, traceability has become a major driver not only for operational excellence and other core reasons like provenance, regulatory compliance and recalls, but also as consumers are demanding to know more about the details and the journeys of products.  

What’s more, the vast amounts of data that need to be captured, stored, analyzed and shared when tracking and tracing products through the entire supply chain have led to a need for digital solutions and technologies to enable optimal traceability and automated tracking

What does the partnership between the two organizations bring?

As pioneers in harnessing track and trace technology, (TraceTech) iTrazo has been leading the way in Australia and New Zealand with its platform, iTrazo ADI. Herewith delivering an adaptable platform for customised, digital traceability.

Hence, by combining machine learning, AI and the latest technologies in automated tracking they are able to integrate multiple input sources to combine data for the most complete picture of the full supply chain, or just a particular segment of activity.

In order to boost their platform with the capability of handling vast amounts of data, in many different technical languages and being able to track at any level of packaging, iTrazo has now partnered with a Danish software company, PSQR. As a result, by integrating PSQR’s highly scalable, EPCIS-based track and trace repository and modular software into their platform, iTrazo is now able to adapt their solution to most industry’s traceability requirements across Australia, New Zealand and globally.

PSQR as a provider of track and trace technology

So far, PSQR’s sophisticated repositories and software have been used by:

  • Governments,
  • Technology solutions providers
  • Companies across the globe

to store, analyze and share supply chain events. Thus, their flagship product Saga is industry agnostic and is currently tracking over 20 billion items annually.  

“iTrazo and PSQR’s combined digital traceability solution can assist companies across food and beverages, pharma, medical devices, tobacco, and a variety of other industries to collect, store, analyze, interpret and share their supply chain data.” says Reeanjou Ram, the award-winning Founder of iTrazo and a lead figure in the Australia and New Zealand traceability community.

Reeanjou has devoted years to enabling practical, large-scale analysis of secure, encrypted, active digital identities. She says, “the world we operate in moves fast, so we need to move faster. Most of our clients feel they have not got hope of keeping up with the requirements of consumers, governments, or their downstream partners. We are their hope! And this partnership with PSQR allows us to take on the largest projects possible for ANZ companies but staying our innovative and flexible self. We cannot wait to bring this combined solution to our initial project partners.”

Ron Volpe, formerly with Coles and now PSQR’s Chief Commercial Officer said:

“The bar has been raised, by governments, by companies, and most importantly by consumers who demand full transparency of the origin and journey of their products. In Australia and New Zealand, this is most visible in the food chain where the provenance of products is paramount. PSQR is excited to partner with iTrazo, the acknowledged ANZ traceability platform leader to deliver on these expectations.

Where meeting track and trace requirements is a challenge due to scale or granularity, the combination of iTrazo and PSQR will be an ideal place to start for any ANZ company.”

About iTrazo Tracetech

iTrazo are genuine pioneers in leveraging traceability technology in a practical and usable way for Australian and New Zealand companies. We can collate inputs from a wide array of sources and implement hardware, software and data analysis to deliver meaningful insights and reliable Information to inform and support important business decisions. Our goal is to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve and move into leadership positions in traceability and accountability of their wide range of business activity. Our leadership team is second to none and our delivery team makes it happen day in and day out across a wide range of sectors. 

iTrazo Contact

For any enquiries related to iTrazo, please contact Reeanjou Ram, Chief Executive Officer and Communications at
E: or M: +61 4 18 132 133. iTrazo commercial enquiries can be directed to Paul Whybird via email at:

About PSQR

PSQR is a Danish software development company. We specialize in highly scalable software for storing, processing and analyzing vast amounts of supply chain data. We partner with:

  • Track and trace software integrators
  • Solutions providers
  • Consultancies
  • Industry bodies

to bring best of breed IT Solutions to the world of Traceability. Together we empower:

  • Manufacturers
  • Corporations
  • Governments

across the globe with digital track and trace capabilities, and create the ability to tell the true story of the origin, journey, whereabouts and consumption of products and resources across the supply chain.

Persequor Contact

For any enquiries related to PSQR, please contact Ron Volpe, Chief Commercial Officer via email at:

*Please note that Persequor Aps is now trading as PSQR