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Saga Compliance Suite for Chestny ZNAK (CRPT)

The PSQR software stack that can assist companies to easily comply with the Russian Traceability Regulations and seamlessly connect with Chestny ZNAK (CRPT. Resolution No. 792-r published by the Russian...

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PSQR Corporate Logo Pack
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PSQR Company Logo Pack

Our partners and stakeholder who require to use our company logo, can easily download our PSQR Company Logo Pack below. Please note the guidelines document for correct use. Should you...

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5 Moonshot Principles for Supply Chain Management

Ron Volpe, our SVP of international markets, believes that in the wake of COVID-19, supply chains must be managed differently. In his article "One Giant Leap for Mankind" he suggests...

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Learning to Love Chestny ZNAK

Published on LinkedIn on February 15, 2021 Pharma. Footwear. Cameras. Tires. Perfume. Bicycles. Wheelchairs. Bottled water. Tobacco. Fur. Now Dairy. And just announced Pork. And by 2024 likely all commodities,...

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