Beyond compliance, Industry 4.0, Track and Trace – why and how?

CONFERENCE SESSION # 903 at the 2020 Automatik Exhibition and Conference

Regulatory trends and frameworks amplify the importance of track and trace within the digital supply chain. The European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), Medical Device Regulations (MDR), and Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) have set the pace in this regard. As businesses reshaped their operations to comply with these regulations, they digitised their manufacturing processes and supply chains.

Lessons learned made it apparent that manufacturers should consider track and trace as part of their digital supply chains for compliance reasons, but also for reasons beyond compliance. These include positive outcomes relating to internal governance, quality assurance, data management, other digital improvements, and more.

We hosted a session at the bi-annual Automatik Conference in September 2020 where attendees were invited to a session where they could find out how they can – and why they should – include a track and trace capability at the core of a digital supply chain and throughout the industrial automation process.

We shared the following that can help set up or optimise digital supply chains with solid track and trace capabilities:

  1. Regulatory trends.
  2. Real-life examples.
  3. Valuable lessons learned.
  4. Key technologies.

During the panel discussion attendees asked our speakers and track and trace enthusiasts from DNV GL, Worldline and PSQR practical questions. Our host, the Managing Director from Beckhoff Automation, led the session.

More about the Conference Session and the Speakers:

Download the conference session overview here (PDF)

If you are interested in finding out more about what we covered in our presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are Track and Trace Software Experts

PSQR is a Danish software development company that specializes in highly scalable software for storing, processing and analysing vast amounts of supply chain data. The company partners with track and trace software integrators, solutions providers, consultancies and industry bodies to bring best of breed IT Solutions to the world of Traceability.  Hereby empowering manufacturers, corporations and governments across the globe with digital track and trace capabilities and the ability to tell the true story of the origin, journey, whereabouts, and consumption of products and resources across the supply chain.