Product Marketing Manager

PSQR is a Danish software development company that specializes in providing highly scalable software for storing, processing, and analysing vast amounts of traceability data to industry- as well as government customers. The software is modular and extensible which allows PSQR and our software integration partners to bring it into play for any product vertical all the way from raw materials, through processing, to finished goods, and finally recycling – establishing the complete traceability circle.

Working at PSQR

As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be part of a highly skilled team. Your role will consist of driving the product marketing forward to meet the business objectives. In close relation with the management and the sales team, you will develop key product messages and value propositions. You will create marketing and sales collateral tools that articulate the benefits of PSQR products in order to move prospects & customers through the sales cycle. You will conduct market analysis to map the competitive landscape and help establish product differentiators. You will also be in charge of content edition for online and printed media as well as press material preparation. You are capable of doing day to day graphical work.

You will be part of a company culture based on collaboration, shared responsibility, and a highly iterative development process.

We favour above all the relevancy of solutions coming from the team: the hierarchy is flat, and the process of decision making is collaborative – we strive towards choosing good solutions no matter who came up with them. We are a diverse team of international employees working together at our office hub located in the city centre of Copenhagen.

Your qualifications

You know your marketing disciplines and you are updated on new media and digital marketing techniques. To be successful, you must have solid experience in product marketing in the software industry. You have strong written and verbal communication skills. You must enjoy being the person in charge of several simultaneous projects and always follow the tasks to the door within the deadline – without compromising on quality.

You can quickly become familiar with both our business and customers’ businesses and establish good relationships with colleagues across the company.

You probably have a degree in product or digital marketing, and you are on the top of the game when it has to do with online marketing tools (SEO, Google Ads, etc.). You write effortlessly in English. If you master several languages, it will be an advantage.

We will give priority to relevant profiles with proven track records on digital and technical product marketing, ideally B2B software products.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process will as a minimum require you to:

  • Meet the Managing Director to align on objectives and evaluate technical fit.
  • Prepare a testcase based on a brief on one of PSQR products/features and present your solution from a marketing point of view.
  • Meet the broader team to ensure a social match.
  • Discuss terms, expectations, etc. with the Managing Director to conclude a contract.

PSQR is not looking for contractors, agents, off-shore, etc. but motivated and gifted candidates willing to take part in PSQR’s journey as a team member, colleague, and dedicated professional.

Additional information

The Danish recruitment agency Moving Talent is taking care of the recruitment process. Please contact Kenneth Oldenburg at if you have further questions or would like to apply for the position.


Senior Team

  • Emanuel Greisen
  • Danny Krøger