Product Designer / UX Expert

As a Product Designer in PSQR, you will be part of a product team while working closely with the commercial team on one side, and the development teams on the other. Your role will consist in identifying and mapping out customer and user needs as well as product opportunities, formulating them into wireframes, user journeys, and functional requirements.

You will ensure that the provided solutions meet the needs of customers, and play well with other features in the products. You will collaborate with the development teams and product owners to ensure features, user experiences are achieved during the implementation phase.

You will be part of a company culture based on collaboration, shared responsibility, and a highly iterative development process.

We favour the relevancy of solutions coming from the team: the hierarchy is flat, and the decision-making process is collaborative – we strive towards choosing good solutions no matter who came up with them. We are a diverse team of international employees working together at our office hub located in the city centre of Copenhagen.

Your qualifications

To be successful in the role, you should have experience in designing B2B Software, preferably within the supply chain. You must be able to understand the customer needs, to map out the users, their behaviours and expected skills. You are also ready to go into implementation details while maintaining the overview of the products as a whole.

You probably have a degree in IT, engineering, or similar. You have strong interpersonal and presentation skills as well as exceptional abilities in identifying ways to solve business needs with software and technology. You are not expected to be a programmer, but you should be strong in visualizing/modelling/articulating how a software product should work.

You speak and write effortlessly in English as the team consists of over 15 nationalities.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will as a minimum require you to:

  • Meet the Product Team to align on objectives and evaluate technical fit.
  • Meet the broader team to ensure a social match.
  • Discuss terms, expectations, etc. with the Managing Director to conclude a contract.

PSQR is not looking for contractors, agents, offshore, etc. but motivated and gifted candidates willing to take part in PSQR’s journey as a team member, colleague, and dedicated professional.

Additional Information

The recruitment agency Moving Talent is taking care of the recruitment process. Please contact Nathalie Dedella at if you have further questions or would like to apply for the position.



Senior Team

  • Emanuel Greisen
  • Danny Krøger